Frostgrave Global Campaign Battle Report

Frostgrave Global Campaign Battle Report 1

Wildtongue peered through the shuttered window, his hot, rank breath steaming through the slats. He was not used to such cold weather in his native swamps but his matted fur and dirty pelts fended off the worst of it. His apprentice, Thorngor, looked around the ruins, watching their crossbowman move into overwatch positions. Wildtongue nodded his scarred snout towards a ruined hovel and grunted.    

The Seeker’s map had brought him and his band to this seemingly empty neighborhood in Felstad in search of a trinket; a lamp. A great power was associated with the lamp and Wildtongue would have it for himself. The lamp would command a high price from the Seekers but his primal mind wrestled with the age old question: wealth or power? Dismissing it as a future problem, Wildtongue stepped out into the bitter cold…

I got in a game of Frostgrave over the weekend that pitted my witch’s warband against a necromancer and her minions. We rolled “Genie in the Bottle” which we thought provided a good enough reason for our warbands to enter Felstad for our patrons. I did rather well with my out of game spells, successfully casting Raise Zombie and Absorb Knowledge while failing to cast Brew Potion from my own school…classic. My opponent failed to cast Raise Zombie…sensing a trend here?

We typically play on a 3’x3’ table but decided to expand to 4’x4’ to see what effect that had on the game. I also recently bought the 4×4 Forgotten City tiles from Secret Weapon and was itching to try them out. They still need some work but the basecoat on them was suitable for our purposes.


Wildtongue’s Warband (Seeker)



Wildtongue (Level 6 Witch)

Thorngor the apprentice

Barbarians x 2

Crossbowman x 2

Thief x 3

Treasure Hunter

Zombie (Summoned out of game)

Drusella’s Warband (Wizard’s Council)


Drusella (Level 3 Necromancer)

Malory the apprentice

Thug x 2



Thief x 2

Man-at-Arms (Recovering from wounds)

We haven’t named the warband members yet since we are both thinking about changes to our set up. I will look into it for next game to make the report flow smoother.

Here are pics from deployment.


The first turn was a mad dash for cover and treasure.  Drusella won initiative and successfully cast Raise Zombie which helped to even the odds. Wildtongue advanced with his bodyguards and cast Fleet Feet on one of the thieves that had already found some loot. Mallory advanced and failed to cast Bone Dart on an exposed crossbowman. Thorngor, identifying the threat, summoned up a wall of Fog to provide further concealment. One of Drusella’s thieves eyed a glint of treasure and swooped in to examine it, ever cautious and wary of magic traps.


Wildtongue, reacting quickly to the ambush, attempted to Possess one of his barbarians but could not summon the concentration in the chaos. Drusella made a dash through the ruins to see what her thief had found but the ignorant thief picked up the simple looking oil lamp. The lamp grew hot to the touch and spewed forth a cloud of choking brimstone, coalescing into the form of an angered genie. Drusella cursed and attempted to wound the fiend with a Bone Dart but gasped and choked on the vile vapors, unable to utter the spell.  Mallory saw brief movement in the ruins ahead of her and sent another Bone Dart out, this time the dart finding purchase deep in a thief’s chest as it stood up with a load of books.  Thorngor, realizing their vulnerable position, summoned another wall of Fog. The genie charged at the offending thief only to grow enraged when she lithely dodged and skittered away through the ruins.


Drusella frowned, knowing that her minions did not have the weapons to handle the fiend and quickly seeing her plans going asunder. She threw a Bone Dart at the genie hoping to distract it long enough for her thief to get away with the prize. The dart was no more than a minor annoyance. Thinking quickly, he ordered his zombie slave to engage the genie.  Meanwhile, Wildtongue spied a lone infantryman maneuvering to intercept his fleeted thief. He willed the ground beneath the soldier to turn into a soupy mud and was rewarded with a frustrated curse echoing through the ruins. The cry of anger was quickly turned into a howl of pain as a crossbow bolt pierced his thigh.  Thorngor, in tune with his master, also cast Mud on a laden thief. He smiled darkly as he saw the sinking thief’s eyes widen with panic at the sight of a rapidly approaching barbarian. Mallory, hearing the approaching beasts and realizing that they were out of time, accelerated time and crumbled the floor beneath a chest, raining treasure upon a lone thug who was too occupied fending off a charging barbarian.


With the genie occupied, Drusella pushed her thief and the lamp away to safety.  The thief landed nimbly and continued to run without breaking stride. Wildtongue tried to take advantage of the mired infantryman but miscast Steal Health and felt his own life force seep away.  Thorngor had no better luck with his attempt and suffered far worse than his master.  Drusella’s archer, seeing the barbarian bearing down on his companion, sent an arrow through both sides of his neck, felling him instantly.  The treasure hunter ran to his aid and seeing that it was of no use, charged and slammed into the thug, scattering treasure around the room. The genie continued to channel its rage and fury at the zombie who weathered the blows with the indifference of the dead while Wildtongue’s zombie ambushed the infantryman.


Drusella spied a rival thief scampering away from the battle and stole health from him as a parting gift. Wildtongue tried to Possess his barbarian but again the infernal powers scorned him. Mallory watched their thief dragging a chest through the streets. Knowing the enemy was near, she cast Leap to bound her to safety. Thorngor proved too inept to enchant the lone barbarian’s armor and suffered a minor arcane backlash as a result. Drusella’s thug took advantage of the barbarian’s shoddy armor and planted his sword deep in his exposed gut.  The lone infantryman made short work of the zombie and advanced on Wildtongue with hate in his eyes.  The witch treasure hunter swung violently at the thug and opened his chest, dropping him where he stood. Looking around cautiously, he began to gather the spilled treasure.


The battle was starting to wane at this point. Drusella ran for cover and stumbled upon the occupied treasure hunter. She quickly cast Steal Health and the treasure hunter dropped his treasure as his body was wracked in pain and anguish. He whirled and eyed the offending wizard.  Mustering his strength, he lunged at the wizard. Mallory timed a Bone Dart perfectly into the hunter’s ankle, pinning him in place at Drusella’s feet. With one fell swing of her staff the hunter was laid out before her.  Wildtongue summoned another zombie to delay the infantryman and retreated back from him. Just outside, an ill-aimed arrow skewers a thug. The barbarian nodded a smug thanks to the enemy archer and ducked inside the safety of the ruins.


Drusella picked through the rapidly cooling corpses to gather their treasure and planned her own retreat. Nearby, Mallory was caught unaware by Thorngor, who siphoned off the last of her life with a  Steal Health spell.  Across the square, the barbarian lowered his head and charged horns first into the infantryman from behind.

In the final turn, Wildtongue failed to cast Possess for the fourth time. Drusella leaped through the ruins and secured her exit. Thorngor cast Enchant Armor on the zombie, but it was not enough as the infantryman cut him down, only to be killed himself by the raging barbarian.

We called the game here, three treasures a piece with the lamp in the Necromancer’s/Wizard Council’s  possession.

Drusella looked over the ancient lamp one last time before gently placing it in a purple velvet sack and laying it in a small wooden chest. Behind her, her undead laborers dragged in the remnants of her expedition and laid them unceremoniously in a heap on the cold stone floor. She looked over the pile and her gaze settled upon the form of her apprentice. Mallory was paler than usual and her skin was covered in the light sheen of fever sweat. She drew in deep, ragged breaths and looked up pathetically at Drusella, and knew that her service to Drusella was not done. Drusella turned away to leave for her sanctum but paused long enough to look over her cloaked shoulder.

“I suppose I’ll know in the morning whether to call you “Mallory” or “meat”…

Frostgrave Global Campaign

Chris Dolan (kiblams on Youtube) has started a Frostgrave global campaign on Facebook (, that pits two factions, the Wizard Counsel and the Seekers, against each other. Players will assign their wizards to a faction and report their battles to Chris, who will in turn tally up results to drive the story in each round. The first round is currently on going and is slated to end after the new year. Each round is expected to last about two weeks so there is more than enough time to jump in and get started. You can learn more on Kiblam’s channel here:

This endeavor reminds me of the summer global campaigns Games Workshop used to run. My first experiences with tabletop war gaming came around fall 2001 with Warhammer 40k. At the time, my friends and I would just hunker around a table at the local hobby shop and fight endless battles with no meaning. Fun, don’t get me wrong, but without any substance or narrative behind them.  It was very “In this week’s episode…”.  That all changed for me in the summer of 2006 with the “Fall of Medusa V” campaign. The way I viewed games that summer changed dramatically. No longer was I just throwing units and dice on the table. No, instead I started to take a harder look at my tactics and what my army was capable of because the fate of planet hung in the balance. Each win and loss was recorded and global results were viewed in real time. I felt like what I was doing week to week meant something. That continued the following summer with the Warhammer campaign “The Nemesis Crown”. I had never played Warhammer Fantasy up until that point, but my friend and I poured over the promotional campaign guide and we both decided we’d get 500 points a piece and participate. The picture of the Dark Elf Corsair, wrapped in his Sea Dragon Cloak with axe and High Elf head in hand, immediately drew me to the Dark Elves. That campaign was a defining moment for us. Slowly our 500 point forces  turned into 750, then 1000, and so on. While my Dark Elves, elite but for their inept general, were eventually banished back to Naggaroth, I continued to collect and build my army.

Back on topic, it is easy to see why I am so excited to take part in something so grand once again. I commend Chris for organizing this and I truly hope to see it succeed so that others might keep this fun bit of the hobby going.


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