Personalizing my Blood Bowl Dug Out

I made some upgrades to my dug out over the last week, namely with personalized team signs that I can rotate through depending on the team playing. Here is an example of the Corsairs standing proudly by their dug out.

Corsair Team

For this project I used the following:

-Popsicle sticks

-Match stick

-Hot glue gun/glue

-Glue Stick

First, using the existing scoreboard frame as a guide, I glued in a match stick at the very bottom for the new frame legs to rest on and to cover a hole that would cause a problem. I clipped the ends off of two popsicle sticks to make them look more board like and set them in the frame vertically to establish the proper distance. I then used a third popsicle stick and hot glued it into place to serve as a support beam. This beam rests directly on top of the scoreboard cross beam.

Frame 2

Next, I cut the ends off of five popsicle sticks and used a knife to roughen up the edges. With the frame firmly seated on the scoreboard, I hot glued these into place, stacking on over the other. You can be as precise or haphazard as you like at this point.

Frame 1

Once all the hot glue was dry, I cut away the wisps of glue and then used my airbrush to give it a light coat of Biel-Tan Green and then another of Agrax Earthshade. Once those dried I applied a quick dry brush with Steel Legion Drab.

The hardest part was deciding what I wanted to use for team logos. Im horrible when it comes to freehand so I figured my best bet would be to find a suitable image online. A quick search in Google for “corsair” gave me this image from some college team.

Corsairs Logo

I used Microsoft Paint to remove references to the school and used Word Art in Powerpoint to create the lettering for the team. Another google search for Blood Bowl sponsors game up with some funny images that I also used to break up the board overall. I printed and cut everything out and used a glue stick to secure it to the board.


While that worked for the Corsairs, I needed to do the same thing for my Orc team, the Crimson WAAAAGH!!  I couldn’t find any images that appealed to me, but then it hit me. I decided that I would use the Corsairs logo as the base, but then cover it in Orc graffiti. After all, why would an orc bother lugging around a sign when they can just use someone else’s?

Crimson WAAAAGH!! Logo


I modified the existing logo by adding the Crimson WAAAAGH!! letters in Word Art so that I would have something to guide my brush. I glued everything in place as I did for the Corsairs and then I began to vandalize the Corsair logo by crossing through their name and drawing a big star-like shape around the Corsair head, all with Khorne Red. I filled that shape in with sloppy coats of Averland Sunset before carefully lining in the team name with Khorne Red. All the red portions were further edge highlighted with Wazdakka Red to give them a little contrast. This was a good start, but not Orcy enough in my opinion.  I painted eggs on the scoreboard with Scar White and Averland Sunset, and then highlighted the bottom edges of the white with a thin line of Administratum Grey.  Hmmmm….still not orcy enough. The final step was to add small clods of….mud….using Stirland Mud, highlighted with Gorthor Brown. I used Typhus Corrosion on the bottom edges of the clods to help blend it into the banner.

There you have it, a modular, personalized dug out!


Leydenhove Corsairs, Season opener

The Leydenhove Corsairs are off to a lackluster start this season with a record of one win and one loss, which is not including the exhibition game they played against Crimson Warhounds. They’ve definitely taken their licks but they are applying the hard lessons learned on the pitch to develop their strategy and tactics. Coach Holighaus is digging in to the team’s playbook, rewriting several “Büsch-League” plays, and punishing the Corsairs in drills.

I finished painting the Corsairs. The scheme generally follows whats in the the painting guide in the book with a few small differences.

(The Leydenhove Corsairs 2496 Squad)

Armor: Abbadon Black, Stegadon Scale Green highlight, Russ Grey highlight Fenrisian Grey edge highlight.

Cloth: Celestra Grey, Agrax Earthshade, Celestra Grey, Pallid Wych Flesh

Dark Skin: Dryad Bark, Druchi Violet, Dryad Bark highlight, Gorthor Brown hightlight.

Additionally, as mentioned in a previous post, I’m looking to make team banners to hang on my dug out. After a quick Google search and some work in Powerpoint this is what I came up with:

Corsairs Logo

I’ll print this and glue it to a backboard that will slide into the existing frame of the scoreboard. I plan on using the same image for the Crimson WAAAAGH!!, but will make it look like it had just been crudely painted over. This image is just the template so imagine the letters filled in and the Leydenhove Corsairs crossed out with red paint for now.

Crimson WAAAAGH!! Logo

So since I’ve gotten behind, I have two games to cover, a match against Wood Elves in the season opener and this week’s rematch against the Norse Crimson Warhounds. Both games have me trying out some new tactics as I try to get the feel for how my team plays. Overall, Im happy with the changes I made to my team after my expo game with the Warhounds.  So with that…

The first game of the season saw The Leydenhove Corsairs battle it out with an eponymous Wood Elves team. The Corsairs won the coin toss and Coach Holighaus opted to receive. The teams set up in the beautiful weather and the elves kicked the ball extraordinarily high. Team captain Hartmann Hegeler watched the ball like a hawk and swooped in for an easy catch before running into a cage. Hits were traded on the line of scrimmage with highlights including a shoulder check by #6, Laurin Fehrenbach, which laid out an elf, and an elven lineman taking one for the team in a literal “head-to-head” collision with Lineman Erfried Strasburg. Moving on, blitzer #4, Ubaldo Mueller, plowed into a lineman like a steam tank and left the elf wheezing for breath in search of new targets. Oblivious to his defenders, Hegeler ran down the field. Seizing the moment, a wardancer skated unmolested down the field and slammed into the ball carrier, jarring the ball loose deep in Wood Elf territory. Corsair defenders caught up to Hegeler and started facing down the elves. The wardancer worked his way through the scrum and devastated blitzer Ludger Spiegel with kick to the jaw. Spiegel was finally dragged off the field when Holighaus saw he wasn’t even so much as squirming. With the ball in the open, Strasburg hopped up, scooped up the ball and took off in a mad dash to the end zone. A risky sprint at the end put the Corsairs up 1-0.

The second drive started with a vigilant elven offense taking advantage of a quick snap. The elven thrower recovered the ball and launched a quick pass to a waiting wardancer, who scampered down the field. Hegeler put a stunning punch into a lineman’s gut but the quick snap caught the Corsairs off guard and the wardancer run in a touchdown to tie the game at the end of turn five.

The following kick off was relatively ignored as the Corsairs focused on inflicting pain on the elves. This unbridled chaos left Coach Holighaus fuming as an elven lineman ran the ball in seconds from the end of the first half. Wood elves led 2-1 at half time.

The second half began with the Corsairs kicking off and the referee weighing two bags of gold and trying to figure out the conversion rate between the two. An elven lineman tried dodging out of the line of scrimmage but a quick-witted Corsair was able to catch his jersey and drag him down. Coach Holighaus had clearly “motivated” his blitzers at halftime because Mueller struck a wardancer like a Nuln rocket, stunning him on the pitch. Meanwhile, a patient thrower watched the madness on the pitch but hung back, waiting for his receiver to get into scoring position. Winding up, he fired a long bomb into the end zone for a touchdown within the first two minutes. Wood elves take a commanding 3-1. Coach Holighaus is clearly going to have some choice words for his defense on the practice field.

The next drive was welcomed in amid a chorus of jeers and a flurry of rocks from angry Corsairs fans. Reporters still can’t make heads or tails of whether the Corsairs or the Elves were the target of the crowd’s anger that left Wolfhard Schottenstein dragged off the field with a bloodied face and an elven thrower quite literally “rocked”. Fehrenbach took advantage of the confusion to knockout a lineman while Hegeler tried to pick up the ball but the hail of incoming rocks made it impossible. A lone elf edged too close to the sidelines and a recently recovered Spiegel slammed him into the fans. Lineman Curt “The Goon” Gobel found himself without friends, and subsequently, catching his breath on the pitch. Some poor elven lineman tried to dodge free to make a run for the endzone but was tripped up and landed face first in the pitch, head cracked wide open on one of the many stones that littered the field. Rumor has it that stones from that day were used to bury his corpse outside the stadium after the match. Back on track, Spiegel, throwing caution to the wind and hoping that bag of gold was heavy enough, put the boots to some unfortunate elf as he lay on the pitch. For a moment this actually turned crowd’s jeers to cheers. Unfortunately, the referee was too busy watching a wardancer run in another touchdown to pay attention to the foul. Wood elves embarrass the Corsairs, 4-1, halfway through the half.

Coach Holighaus called a time out and took his team into the dugout. It’s unsure what he said but sideline officials reported that when the team returned to the pitch even the team’s ogre, Ingbert Gilges, looked frightened.

The elves kicked off and immediately the Corsairs assaulted the defense with Fehrenbach knocking out a lineman and “The Goon” stunning another. Hegeler grabbed the ball and ran into a half-cage up on the line of scrimmage and along the left sideline. A wardancer leaped in to the cage to knock the ball loose, but was pushed out of bounds by blitzer #3, Norbert Lichtenfels. A Corsair fan pitched the ball back to Lichtenfels who ran into the safety of another cage. Lineman Reinhold got into a particularly nasty scuffle with an elf that resulted in both of them on the ground and the elf with a broken leg. With the clock running down and tensions high, Lichtenfels took a risky dodge out of his crumbling cage and tossed a short pass to blitzer Oliver Holder. Holder caught the ball and dashed into the endzone bringing the score to 4-2.

With the game in the final minute, the Corsairs blitzed the Wood Elves for to deliver some “parting gifts”. Lichtenfels eyed an opponent on the ground and punted his nether bits “through the up-rights” as they say. Fans cheered as powerhouse lineman #9, Wolfhard Schottenstein, used to his helmet to brain a lineman, killing him instantly in the middle of the pitch. The final whistle blew and both teams drug themselves back to their coaches.

I learned a few things during this game. I didn’t have enough deep defense against the wood elves and that left me helpless when they got passed my line. I can’t rely on my ogre all the time because if fail Bone Head that leaves a huge opening down the middle of my line for the other team to waltz through. Finally, I hate wardancers….

Blood Bowl Dugout

Table space is limited at my local game store and trying to get three games of Blood Bowl going simultaneously can be tight. One reason for this is the size of the GW provided dugouts, which take up some serious real estate. I decided that I would try to make a smaller dugout to give us some elbow room and that I would build it up to make it a display piece as well. This is a basic model but it works great.


For this project I used the following:

-MDF hardboard cut to 18mm x 30mm

-A sheet of 5mm foam board

-Popsicle sticks

-Match sticks

-Steel sheet cut 6.25” x 2.25” (optional)

-Small rare earth magnets

-Cereal box card

-Textured shelf liner (optional)

-Hot glue gun/glue

-PVA Glue

-Static grass or preferred basing material.


First, using the above template as a guide, I measured and cut out the wall sections for the dugout. Remember; don’t press to hard with the knife because you will warp the foam board. Instead, drag the long edge across 2-3 times to get good cuts. This will also help prevent the foam from getting pulled out by the blade.

Next, I dry fit all of the walls to make sure everything would line up properly. I hot glued the walls together but without gluing them to the base. Bear in mind, the back wall will rest against the exterior edge of the base while the side walls will rest ON TOP of the base. Once the frame was assembled, I hot glued pieces of popsicle sticks around the frame to cover seams and joins and used match sticks on the interior walls to the same effect.

Basing and detail work came next. Using the room measurements, I cut out pieces of cobblestone textured shelf liner to lay in the room interiors. I dry fit and made adjustments before gluing them down with white glue. Id recommend placing some weight on top of them help them get a firm bond during the drying process. Using the same material, I cut odd shapes out to give the walls some depth and variety. I found that cutting them straight out leave the edges with a boxy, unnatural look. I fixed this by cutting rough diagonal cuts to remove the hard corners. These pieces were randomly glued around the walls.


I worked on the scoreboard while the glue was drying. I laid down two sticks, and glued a cross beam to the back above the height of the lip of the back wall. I drilled a small hole in the center of one stick and glued a magnet in with super glue. I gave the sticks a roughhewn look by running a box cutter along all the stick edges to give them uneven bevels. I then glued all of these to the front of the stick frame, making sure that the stick with the magnet was in the middle of the stack.


After all the glue was dried I base coated the model with Army Painter Uniform Gray. I then airbrushed Agrax Earthshade, followed by Biel-Tan Green, over all the exposed wood before hitting them with a quick drybrush of Steel Legion Drab. The stones on the walls were then given a quick airbrush highlight. I pre-shaded the cobblestones in the rooms before base coating them with Uniform Gray. I determined where I wanted the steel sheet to go and glued it into place with super glue before dulling it with Army Painter Leather Brown. After all the paint was dry, I glued the model to the base and used Stirland Mud to smooth the transition from the stones to what would become the grassy area.

The dugout was based with PVA and static grass to match my models. I cut eight strips of cereal box card and scored them in the center to make the marker signs. These were painted and then glued along the center of the steel plate with PVA.

The final step for the dugout was to make the appropriate signs. I did this with the above mentioned techniques before painting them. I opted to use darker colors to make them stand out from the rest of the piece. These were glued in with hot glue and allowed to dry.

Scoreboard 2

The score counters were made with small squares of steel and sticks hot glued in place. They were painted to match the board they would be stuck to. I only made six counters but I’ve never been lucky enough to score than many touchdowns either. Additional bits like the bench and coffin were made out of scrap popsicle sticks and balsa wood.

Hopefully this inspires you to make your own dugout. Originally I was going to make them personalized for each team but I have some ideas on how to use the scoreboard frame to add modular team signs. If it works I’ll make that a future post. Other good ideas I’ve seen are decorative paper handbills glued into place, flags, and so forth.  Good luck and have fun!