Personalizing my Blood Bowl Dug Out

I made some upgrades to my dug out over the last week, namely with personalized team signs that I can rotate through depending on the team playing. Here is an example of the Corsairs standing proudly by their dug out.

Corsair Team

For this project I used the following:

-Popsicle sticks

-Match stick

-Hot glue gun/glue

-Glue Stick

First, using the existing scoreboard frame as a guide, I glued in a match stick at the very bottom for the new frame legs to rest on and to cover a hole that would cause a problem. I clipped the ends off of two popsicle sticks to make them look more board like and set them in the frame vertically to establish the proper distance. I then used a third popsicle stick and hot glued it into place to serve as a support beam. This beam rests directly on top of the scoreboard cross beam.

Frame 2

Next, I cut the ends off of five popsicle sticks and used a knife to roughen up the edges. With the frame firmly seated on the scoreboard, I hot glued these into place, stacking on over the other. You can be as precise or haphazard as you like at this point.

Frame 1

Once all the hot glue was dry, I cut away the wisps of glue and then used my airbrush to give it a light coat of Biel-Tan Green and then another of Agrax Earthshade. Once those dried I applied a quick dry brush with Steel Legion Drab.

The hardest part was deciding what I wanted to use for team logos. Im horrible when it comes to freehand so I figured my best bet would be to find a suitable image online. A quick search in Google for “corsair” gave me this image from some college team.

Corsairs Logo

I used Microsoft Paint to remove references to the school and used Word Art in Powerpoint to create the lettering for the team. Another google search for Blood Bowl sponsors game up with some funny images that I also used to break up the board overall. I printed and cut everything out and used a glue stick to secure it to the board.


While that worked for the Corsairs, I needed to do the same thing for my Orc team, the Crimson WAAAAGH!!  I couldn’t find any images that appealed to me, but then it hit me. I decided that I would use the Corsairs logo as the base, but then cover it in Orc graffiti. After all, why would an orc bother lugging around a sign when they can just use someone else’s?

Crimson WAAAAGH!! Logo


I modified the existing logo by adding the Crimson WAAAAGH!! letters in Word Art so that I would have something to guide my brush. I glued everything in place as I did for the Corsairs and then I began to vandalize the Corsair logo by crossing through their name and drawing a big star-like shape around the Corsair head, all with Khorne Red. I filled that shape in with sloppy coats of Averland Sunset before carefully lining in the team name with Khorne Red. All the red portions were further edge highlighted with Wazdakka Red to give them a little contrast. This was a good start, but not Orcy enough in my opinion.  I painted eggs on the scoreboard with Scar White and Averland Sunset, and then highlighted the bottom edges of the white with a thin line of Administratum Grey.  Hmmmm….still not orcy enough. The final step was to add small clods of….mud….using Stirland Mud, highlighted with Gorthor Brown. I used Typhus Corrosion on the bottom edges of the clods to help blend it into the banner.

There you have it, a modular, personalized dug out!


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