Daemons of Tzeentch, Blue & Brimstone Horrors

Trushraith Mournforce, caught off guard by the undead raiders and unable to channel the requisite power required to coax forth duplicitious Horrors quick enough, redoubles his studies and focuses on the summoning of more powerful pink daemons that scoff at the blades of man. These daemons will not merely explode in a flurry of chaotic sulphur and brimstone, spitefully taking their slayer with them, but will now multiply like the elven hydra of lore. Let he who lives by the blade, die by the claw. Let he who trifles with Trushraith Mournforce burn in warp flame and melt into twisted realities…#Tzeentch #AnimosityIII #TheArmyNerd

Blue Horrors materializing in the realm of Chaos. Who is further back, watching, consolidating its power, and biding its time?
The power of spite personified.

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