Age of Sigmar Animosity Week 2: Celandec Ambush

Week two of the Animosity Campaign;

”The tide continues to turn in our favor! The Dornayar share our unforgiving lands, and would seem to have little use for their master’s studies and secrets while their children starve. The garrison of Yelric’s Tower, the dour bastion beyond the Elena bridge that has long prevented us from claiming the Taera gardens of Minuvae, has declared for the Celandec. The Taera is a font of Aqua Ghyranis; should the Dornayar be denied its life-giving waters, the Satrapy will wither. Seize the Taera, cross the Elena bridge and reinforce the defector garrison at Yelric’s Tower before the Deathly can organize a defense!” – Renaya Oathsworn

We played “First Blood”, with my Disciples of Tzeentch hoping to canalize the Dreadblade Dynasty of the Soulblight Grave Lords in restrictive terrain and melt them from reality whilst taking advantage of the storm and fog.

The daemons poised to strike…

The daemons baited the vampires in and struck, though they survived the worst of it. Trushfaith led the charge into the center, seeking a high vantage point to direct his minions, but quickly found himself in the kill zone as the vampires and cavalry counter attacked.

Trushraith, moments before being struck down…

Trushraith was laid low, as were the pink horrors. The Changecaster Kairixak Spiretalon, seeing his change to establish dominance, summoned a blistering salvo of pure pink chaos. Bending reality to his will and shaping his destiny, he melted the armor of Varun Dreadblade and left the general a molten mass of metal and dead flesh.

The bonfire of chaos ignites…

Despite his efforts, Kairixak was laid low, banished to the realm of Chaos, where he must toil and suffer, unsummonable for ten thousand years.

The price of failure.

Despite the loss, Trushraith limped away with what he truly sought: the Secret-Eater.

His scowl twists into a spiteful sneer; “Now they will pay. Now their souls will help forge my destiny.”

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