Age Of Sigmar Animosity Week 5: Chaos Spawn

”This is the time. I am proud of all of you, who have fought so hard and suffered the setbacks and agony of defeat, only to remain committed to a better future. Whatever comes of me, we cannot allow Alti to extinguish the dream of Celandec. His forces are assembling outside Castle Iskar. Against him will stand all those that would see his madness stopped. This final battle shall decide the fate of our nation. Stop his ritual, and end his madness. I trust you all, and I know that you will do what is right. Now, with me, one more time. One last time.” – Renaya Oathsworn

In effort to cause chaos in Alti’s force, Trushraith began to will change upon the flesh of enemies…

I got some Chaos Spawn to take advantage of my Magister’s Bolt of Change. Looking for a quick paint job, I decided to use contrast paints, but I wanted to figure out how to do some blending. I found a great video by Duncan on Youtube that explains how to blend with contrast paints and I’m pretty happy with the results. In the pics below you can see the technique on the claw (Flesh Tearers Red -> Blood Angels Red -> Guilliman Flesh), and on the tail (Guilliman Flesh ->Volpous Pink -> Shyish Purple). I still have some drybrushing to do and need to finish the base, but this is definitely quick and easy and it looks great.

The Blending portion starts around 11:20

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