Age of Sigmar Animosity Week 5: Destroy the Zephyr Crystals

Week five of the Animosity Campaign;

We’ve received a very interesting offer. Ilyana Draketooth, the corsair captain that once threatened Iscarion’s docks, has reached out to us and says that she knows a passage that leads through the underside of Alti’s metalith to the zephyr quartz crystals at its core. Destroy those, she says, and the castle will fall like a pile of bricks. She’s offered to take a strike team of us and the Ruyalar to see it done. It sounds like a good plan, but I’m suspicious. If Caradryas has turned to Alti, then this could be a trap. We cannot afford to lose the manpower if it is, but we also cannot afford to pass up this opportunity if it isn’t. It’s a damn tricky spot, but I’ll leave it to your best judgement.” – Renaya Oathsworn

We played the “Burn and Pillage” battleplan, with my Disciples of Tzeentch attempting to control and destroy the Zephyr quartz crystals for Celadec and preoccupy the Deadblade Dynasty (Soulblight Gravelords) while achieving our true goal: locating and ensnaring the Tome of Eyes.

I added a unit of Tzaangors to provide additional screening options and some much needed melee power to my force. Admittedly, it doesn’t jive with the Eternal Conflagration theme, but I’m still finetuning my army and building models.

I also continued to fine tune my spell selections. Ive found that while I’m generally happy with the spells I have been taking, I wasn’t happy with WHO was taking them. I gave Glimpse the Future to my general so that even if he wasnt in 18″ range to attack, he could still provide value through Destiny Dice. I moved the Bolt of Tzeentch from him to the Fateskimmer, which would (in theory) help me keep him at range until necessary.

Trushraith gets a sense of the battlefield and probes its secrets for the Tome of Eyes.

Understanding how fragile my leaders are, I tried to be more aware of how I was moving them around the battlefield, while also trying to take advantage of their synergies (Changecaster/Horrors, Ogroid Thaumaturge/Tzaangors). I also wanted to play somewhat defensibly, knowing that if he got in my backfield, he could claim and destroy my objectives.

I posted the Ogroid with the Tzaangors on the left flank to hold the objective and try to prevent a graveyard summon from taking it from my rear. My general took to the center of the field with the flamers and exalted flamer, hoping to use their mobility and range and harrass either flank as needed. I postured the Fateskimmer, horrors, and screamers on the right flank to threaten one of his objectives. His heroes deployed on both flanks.

With the Tome on Eyes under his power, Trushraith peers into to the aether, hungry for the secrets found in the battered souls of the Deadblade Dynasty.
Moments before the bottom knight is transmogrified into a Chaos Spawn. While I tried to screen my general, he was still pulled into combat.
The Fateskimmer bogging down three of their heroes. While the plan wasn’t to have him bogged down in combat, he held them in place for four turns and killed the necromancer before being banished back to the Realm of Chaos.
The battlefield at the end. We each destroyed one objective and the game came down to the d3s roll for pillage victory points. Though I lost, this was the first game I took to five turns and it literally came down to dice rolls at the end.
My score reflected under “Player 2”. Im starting to feel more comfortable with the Battle Tactics and understanding how and when to play them, and when to use throw away tactics. We cast 16 spells, which allowed me to summon a unit of Blue Horrors in Turn 3 and complete “Conquer” through a lucky charge roll.

++ **Narrative Battle** (Chaos – Tzeentch, Eternal Conflagration) [1,490pts] ++

Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery

Core Battalion: Warlord

Trushraith Mournforce (General), Magister on Disc of Tzeentch [150pts]: 0. Coruscating Flames, 0. Shroud of Warpflame, 3. Glimpse the Future, Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, Teeth and Horns, Tzeenchian Runestaff, Warlord – 1-2 Commanders, Warpsteel Sword

Changecaster, [135pts]: 4. Unchecked Mutation, Arcane Bolt, Magical Flames, Mystic Shield, Staff of Change, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Fateskimmer,  [180pts]: 1. Bolt of Tzeentch, Arcane Bolt, Lamprey Bites, Magical Flames, Mystic Shield, Ritual Dagger, Staff of Change, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Ogroid Thaumaturge [165pts]: 2. Arcane Suggestion, 2. Secret-eater, Arcane Bolt, Cloven Hooves, Great Horns, Mystic Shield, Thaumaturge Staff, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Flamers [175pts]: 3 Flamers, Flaming Maw, Warpflame

Horrors [215pts]: 10 Pink Horrors, Hornblowers, Icon Bearers, Magical Flames, Taloned Hands, Warlord – 1-2 Troops

Tzaangors [175pts]: 10 Tzaangors, Brayhorns, Icon Bearers, Paired Savage Blades, 2x Tzaangor Mutant, Vicious Beaks

Exalted Flamers [140pts]: Billowing Warpflame, Exalted Flamer, Flaming Maw

Screamers [100pts]: 3 Screamers, Lamprey Bite

Endless Spell: Tome of Eyes [55pts]

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