September Hobby Goals

Monthly Goals

I’ve been motivated to track my hobby progress after Tavendale threw down the gauntlet in August (Hobby Update August 2021: Playin’ in the Garden – No Rerolls) with an impressive 40 models painted and several more built.  Between work, college, and family, getting time in to game or even just paint comes at a premium. I’ve decided to pull out the ol’ Dakka Vows Tracker (by Iffy) and update it with what Im currently interested in. This has two goals: 1, keep me focused on painting the mountain of gray plastic I have accumulating, and 2, keep me from accumulating more gray plastic until I get through what I have.

While not as impressive as 40 models, I have 24 models in various stages of completion. Sure, this might be cheating, but if I get through these this month, that means I can start with fresh models next month. In no priority, here’s where I stand at the beginning of September.

Hobby Progress


No change from the last post. They are mostly done, but I’m at the stage where I need to go model by model and pick out specific details like feathers, gems, icons, etc.

Gaunt Summoner

I started this Silver Tower model earlier in the summer and then it just sat half painted on my desk staring at me in disgust with it’s many eyes.

I took three nights this week to buckle down and finish it. It wasn’t a lot of work, just layering on highlights.


Lord of Change

I’m using a MIERCE MINIATURES – Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros as my Lord of Change. I’ll be phoning it in and painting it as seen in the How to paint the Lord of Change video. I found a printable 100mm Round Skull Sand Base that matches the basing theme my Disciples of Tzeentch have going on and I’ll get that printing once my resin arrives.

Breaking down the release agent and preparing to clean up the bits

Im tempted to heat up the wings in some hot water to see if I can curl them forward a bit. As they are, they stick out and look very flat. I think giving them some shape will really add to the feel of the model.

Chaos Spawn

I built this spawn to look like a malformed Tzaangor or Lord of Change. Narratively, I envision that at some point my power hungry Magister is going to miscast while trying to evolve and end up as a spawn. Im going to use the same color palette as the Lord to tie them together.

Infernal Master

I have the Infernal Master from the Hexfire kit built into three subassemblies for ease of painting. Capes trick me every time by leading me to believe I can glue everything together and still have space to maneuver a paint brush. Not this time…

The Infernal Master will be the first Thousand Sons model I paint and will set the tone for the rest of the army, so as such, I’m saving him for last.

So those are my goals. I don’t think it’s too ambitious, but just enough to make me take charge of my schedule to fit it in between bouts of real life. With the focus on Age of Sigmar this month, I’ll shift focus to 40K next month to try to complete my first 500 point force. I also have a Daemon Prince, six more Flamers, and the Blue Scribes on the way and should be here in the next week or so. If I can complete my other goals, I think I can squeeze in the Flamers as well and finish them in a day or two.

A strong start…

What’s on your table this month and how are you making time?

6 thoughts on “September Hobby Goals

  1. I love Tzeentch!

    My first AoS army was Disciples of Tzeentch and I’m eyeing up some blue scribes. A lot of my Tzeentch stuff is kind of in various states of completion. Most of my horrors, for example, need minimal details and then basing. Kairos is mostly done.

    I’ll get back to them at some point…

    That new TS mini in the Hexfire set is probably my favourite new mini from GW this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with him.

    My own September is kind of up the air. I feel I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Got some Maggotkin that I could add to the Garden, some Nurgle-themed Slaves to complement them, and a couple of larger chaos minis. I’m currently painting 4 Mancrusher Gargants for my Sons of Behemat. Made less progress than I had hoped this weekend.

    Yeah, I don’t know what to focus on first.

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    • I’ve been collecting Warhammer Fantasy models for a while, but this is the first army I’ve specifically started collected to play with. I’ve got six games under my belt and I’m still searching for that illusive victory…

      I just primed the Infernal Master tonight so I’ll try to start getting paint on him this week.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your Slaves. I’ve been thinking of picking up the Start Collecting box to convert the models with a little Tzeentchy flavor and give the mortal side of my list some punch.


      • I’m actually in the midst of converting some knights just now. The conversions were not quite as easy as I had hoped, with the knights being quite a bit bigger than the other minis I was using for parts.

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      • I saw a Youtube video recently where they were using Kairic Acolyte shields on the knights, but it involved a bit of arm trimming off of the shields. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours come out.


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    • I dread the idea of rebasing all the old Warhammer models I have on square bases…Its hundreds of models, but I’d end up with a few new armies out of the deal. That may turn into a monthly hobby goal in the future in which I just rebase stuff…maybe…


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