September Hobby Goals Update

               September has been a good month for hobby. At the end of the month, I accomplished everything I set out to do, except for the Lord of Change, so 23 out of 24 models overall. He’ll be the first model I paint in October.

I finished the Infernal Master right at the buzzer, and I am extremely happy with my first Thousand Sons model.

Hobby Progress

Infernal Master

               As I said last week, the thin base paints were a challenge, but once they went down everything else was a breeze. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to paint the eye lenses and give them a little glow. I checked out some reference pics online and it hit me that Aethermatic Blue would carry the day. I’ll say, looking at the pot it doesn’t look like a color I’d regularly use, but in reality I find myself using it now on most of my projects.

Base coats

Shading and highlights
Highlights complete and based

Really digging the helmet lenses. Aethermatic Blue over white provides a great glow. Also, touched up a few spots with Soulstone Red.

               September was a good benchmark to see what I could accomplish, and now I’m going to up the pressure in October. Last month I planned for 24 models, this month I’m taking it to 48. This is extremely ambitious, but I’m banking on a long weekend next week to put a dent in the mountain of gray.

               Tomorrow I will prime everything and then I’m going to focus on the Lord of Change this week. If all goes well, I plan to hit all the Tzaangors and the Flamers over the long weekend.  That will leave me almost three weeks to finish the Thousand Sons. Written out, this seems very doable, but this will require discipline during the week with school and trying to get in at least an hour of painting a day, Monday to Friday. I have a business trip at the end of the month that I’ll need to account for, but I’m hoping that by then that I’m wrapping up the last few models.

               What’s on your table this month?