September Hobby Goals Update

               September has been a good month for hobby. At the end of the month, I accomplished everything I set out to do, except for the Lord of Change, so 23 out of 24 models overall. He’ll be the first model I paint in October.

I finished the Infernal Master right at the buzzer, and I am extremely happy with my first Thousand Sons model.

Hobby Progress

Infernal Master

               As I said last week, the thin base paints were a challenge, but once they went down everything else was a breeze. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to paint the eye lenses and give them a little glow. I checked out some reference pics online and it hit me that Aethermatic Blue would carry the day. I’ll say, looking at the pot it doesn’t look like a color I’d regularly use, but in reality I find myself using it now on most of my projects.

Base coats

Shading and highlights
Highlights complete and based

Really digging the helmet lenses. Aethermatic Blue over white provides a great glow. Also, touched up a few spots with Soulstone Red.

               September was a good benchmark to see what I could accomplish, and now I’m going to up the pressure in October. Last month I planned for 24 models, this month I’m taking it to 48. This is extremely ambitious, but I’m banking on a long weekend next week to put a dent in the mountain of gray.

               Tomorrow I will prime everything and then I’m going to focus on the Lord of Change this week. If all goes well, I plan to hit all the Tzaangors and the Flamers over the long weekend.  That will leave me almost three weeks to finish the Thousand Sons. Written out, this seems very doable, but this will require discipline during the week with school and trying to get in at least an hour of painting a day, Monday to Friday. I have a business trip at the end of the month that I’ll need to account for, but I’m hoping that by then that I’m wrapping up the last few models.

               What’s on your table this month?

September Hobby Goals Update

Into the final push for September. The last two weeks have been slower than anticipated due to work and class taking up more time than expected. I finished the two squads of Pink Horrors, but it wasn’t enough to justify their own post when the only thing I changed from the original was the tongue colors. Those were a mental endurance trial, but I’m hoping that will help me prepare for October and November when I have 20 Tzaangor and 20 Kairic Acolytes on the docket. The Tzaangor will pull double duty in AoS and 40K, and form the base for my Disciples of Tzeentch mortal lists.

My folding table and doublesided mat from came in since the last update and I’m happy with how close my bases are to it. The only complaint I have with the table is the that it isn’t a completely flat surface so you can see the ridges under the mat, but for saving space you can’t beat it.

Hobby Progress

Pink Horrors

Lord of Change

No real updates on the Lord of Change this week. I did get it’s base printed and was happy to find out the model fits perfectly. I don’t have much experience with 3D printed models, but I’m going to pin the Lord to it and hopefully don’t run into any issues.

Infernal Master

I’ve finished the base so far, but I haven’t been able to seal it yet because of the weather.  I’m using the Citadel Color app Rubric Marine paint scheme as the basis for my Thousand Sons. I’m already not excited about painting the army given how thin Thousand Suns Blue and Averland Sunset go down, but such is life sometimes.


Army Painter White


Thousand Suns Blue, Nuln Oil, Ahriman Blue, Fenrisian Grey

Yellow Portions

Averland Sunset, Agrax Earthshade, Yriel Yellow, Screaming Skull


Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, Stormhost Silver


Balthasar Gold, Reikland Fleshshade, Sycorax Bronze, Stormhost Silver


Dryad Bark, Nuln Oil, Gorthor Brown, Karak Stone


Celestra Grey, Drakenhof Nightshade, Ulthuan Grey, White Scar


Mephiston Red, Agrax Earthshade (or Druchii Viloet, not sure yet), Evil Sunz Scarlet, Fire Dragon Bright

I’m going to have to buckle down this week if I am going to complete all my goals. I don’t expect the Infernal Master to take long, but the thin base paints aren’t doing me any favors. Five days left, let’s do this…

September Hobby Goals Update

September is coming along nicely. This week I was able to finish my second Chaos Spawn, assemble my Lord of Change, and prime the Infernal Master. I’ve painted a few small details on my Pink Horrors, but nothing I’d consider update worthy.

Hobby Progress


I painted a few more details this week, but they weren’t really my focus. I’m going to lean into them more this week and try to get them finished by the weekend. I told myself that if I get them finished, I’ll reward myself with the Lord of Change next week.

Lord of Change

I spent some time this week cleaning and trimming the Lord of Change bits and dry fitting them to get an idea of where everything goes. Mierce models don’t normally come with instructions so it really comes down to finding some good reference pics online.

The assembly wasn’t too bad, but I’m going to have to go back through with some putty or green stuff to fill in some gaps before I prime him. I’d estimate there’s about an hour worth of gap filling, but at least everything is easy to get to. My resin should be in this week so I can start printing the stylized base.

Next to a Tzaangor for scale.

It should be noted that he comes with a staff as well, but I had it sitting in hot water when I took these pics. The staff is pretty long and had warped a little at some point. Nothing too major.

Chaos Spawn

I’m really happy with how the Chaos Spawn came out, and its basically the test model for my Lord of Change.

Blue Skin

Kantor Blue, Drakenhof Nightshade, Calgar Blue, Fenrisian Grey, Blue Horror


Karak Stone, Ushabti Bone, Screaming Skull


Skeleton Horde


Dryad Bark, Nuln Oil, Gorthor Brown, Karak Stone


Kantor Blue, Drakenhof Nightshade, Nuln Oil (on the recessed feathers), Kabalite Green, Sybarite Green, Flash Gitz Yellow

Tongue/Fleshy Areas

Xereus Purple, Druchii Violet, Genestealer Purple, Emperor’s Children


Tassaract Blue, Leviadon Blue, Shyish Purple

Basecoats and initial highlights

Contrast blending on the carapace portions

Based and battle ready

Infernal Master

Nothing fancy here, just primed him tonight so I could update my tracker. Progress is progress….

Additionally, my Daemon Prince and Flamers arrived, and the Blue Scribes should hopefully be in this week. They’ll sit on the shelf and be in the queue for October along with the Thousand Sons. At some point I need to start reading the new Codex and determine what kind of army I want to build, but I think I have enough models on hand for a solid core.

September Hobby Goals

Monthly Goals

I’ve been motivated to track my hobby progress after Tavendale threw down the gauntlet in August (Hobby Update August 2021: Playin’ in the Garden – No Rerolls) with an impressive 40 models painted and several more built.  Between work, college, and family, getting time in to game or even just paint comes at a premium. I’ve decided to pull out the ol’ Dakka Vows Tracker (by Iffy) and update it with what Im currently interested in. This has two goals: 1, keep me focused on painting the mountain of gray plastic I have accumulating, and 2, keep me from accumulating more gray plastic until I get through what I have.

While not as impressive as 40 models, I have 24 models in various stages of completion. Sure, this might be cheating, but if I get through these this month, that means I can start with fresh models next month. In no priority, here’s where I stand at the beginning of September.

Hobby Progress


No change from the last post. They are mostly done, but I’m at the stage where I need to go model by model and pick out specific details like feathers, gems, icons, etc.

Gaunt Summoner

I started this Silver Tower model earlier in the summer and then it just sat half painted on my desk staring at me in disgust with it’s many eyes.

I took three nights this week to buckle down and finish it. It wasn’t a lot of work, just layering on highlights.


Lord of Change

I’m using a MIERCE MINIATURES – Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros as my Lord of Change. I’ll be phoning it in and painting it as seen in the How to paint the Lord of Change video. I found a printable 100mm Round Skull Sand Base that matches the basing theme my Disciples of Tzeentch have going on and I’ll get that printing once my resin arrives.

Breaking down the release agent and preparing to clean up the bits

Im tempted to heat up the wings in some hot water to see if I can curl them forward a bit. As they are, they stick out and look very flat. I think giving them some shape will really add to the feel of the model.

Chaos Spawn

I built this spawn to look like a malformed Tzaangor or Lord of Change. Narratively, I envision that at some point my power hungry Magister is going to miscast while trying to evolve and end up as a spawn. Im going to use the same color palette as the Lord to tie them together.

Infernal Master

I have the Infernal Master from the Hexfire kit built into three subassemblies for ease of painting. Capes trick me every time by leading me to believe I can glue everything together and still have space to maneuver a paint brush. Not this time…

The Infernal Master will be the first Thousand Sons model I paint and will set the tone for the rest of the army, so as such, I’m saving him for last.

So those are my goals. I don’t think it’s too ambitious, but just enough to make me take charge of my schedule to fit it in between bouts of real life. With the focus on Age of Sigmar this month, I’ll shift focus to 40K next month to try to complete my first 500 point force. I also have a Daemon Prince, six more Flamers, and the Blue Scribes on the way and should be here in the next week or so. If I can complete my other goals, I think I can squeeze in the Flamers as well and finish them in a day or two.

A strong start…

What’s on your table this month and how are you making time?