Path to Glory: Disciples of Tzeentch vs Stormcast Eternals

In the realm of Beasts there is only war…. The land of Gallet, South of Thondia has seen a large number of disparate warbands emerge from its many realm gates. The most prominent of them being Bantu’s Gate. As forces emerge into this land, war erupts as they each compete to satisfy their own ends. Beyond meager mortal squabbles for power the powerful relic known as the Titan Band also draws those hungry for knowledge or power.

Upon exiting the Bantu Gate, the Magister Trushraith and his daemon horde sought a suitable location to summon forth his nexus of power; the Blackcoal Labyrinth. Packs of screamers scouted ahead and reported of a location that is suitable to their needs, however, an opposing warband of Stormcast Eternals is attempting to lay claim to this land for their own purposes. The Intricate Paradox must run them off so the ritual to consecrate the land to Tzeentch and summon the Blackcoal Labyrinth can begin.

Our local gaming group is continuing with our Animosity III warbands, just exporting them from the Prime Dominion to Ghur in the Mortal Realms. This will allow us to tweak our armies based on lessons learned and prepare them to weave a new narrative.

(Shoutout to Doug at 2+Tough for the report flow. Check out his Youtube Channel here for some great Age of Sigmar narrative content: )

Hobby Progress

I’m currently playing a Disciples of Tzeentch Eternal Conflagration army. Ive started with two Start Collecting boxes and have picked up another box of Pink Horrors and three boxes of Blue Horrors. I have a few other models (Magisters and the Silver Tower box) to round out the army, but I haven’t really built a synergistic daemon pure army. This also mean that while I have a decent shooty army, I don’t have enough stuff to keep my squishy units out of hand to hand by round two. To fix that, after some hard lessons learned over the last five games, I’m batch painting twenty Pink Horrors to tie up the enemy and give my other units some breathing room. This will give me a total of thirty and plenty of flexibility to play smaller and larger games.

I never want to paint pink again…

I’m painting the Horrors mostly with contrast paints. I like standard paints, but when painting rank and file in batches, I’ve learned to appreciate time saving techniques.

Primer: GW Corax White (though I prefer Army Painter white…)

Flesh: Volupus Pink

Tongues: Talassar Blue/Warp Lightning/Gryph-charger Grey (To help ID units should they get blobbed up in melee)

Flames: Casandora Yellow, Carroburg Crimson, Nuln Oil

Gold: Retributer Armor, Agrax Earthshade, Gehenna’s Gold

Horns: Skeleton Horde

Metal: Leadbelcher, Aethermatic Blue, Stormhost Silver

Battle Report

We played “Marking Territory” at 1500 points…for about 3 rounds. My dice failed me at every opportunity, my spellcasting was generally lackluster, and the fact that his Stormcast doesn’t cast spells meant I had no hope to summon anything in a timely manner. I believe by the end of turn 3 I had 8 Fate points. Not my best work.

My opponent, estimating how quickly he can smash my face in.

Turn 1: He won and decided I would go first. We both chose Ferocious Advance and claimed the VP for those. We had some shooting and he run his forces well within my comfort zone. I pretty much next that if he got a double turn I was done dealing. Highlight of the turn was his Prosecutors deepstriking in and charging my Ogroid Thaumaturge. Thanks to Brutal Rage, he was able to kill them off in combat immediately while only taking 1 wound.

Turn 2: The highly anticipated double turn. He selects broken ranks on one of my units of Flamers, but I was miraculously able to keep them on the battlefield. Due to the nature of the scenario, I didn’t have any viable battle tactics and took Broken Ranks as a throw away. Neither warband scored any victory points in turn 2. Highlight was Trushraith’s Bolt of Change turning one of his Stormcast into a Chaos Spawn.

All of my units that aren’t supposed to be in melee…in melee

Turn 3: During this turn, the second player (myself) had the option to destroy an objective. This was critical in this scenario because mission success was about owning all of the objectives. By this point, I owned one objective and looking at the forces remaining I had tied up in melee, I didn’t see the game realistically going on beyond this turn. Highlight: Trushraith turned his last Annihilator into a Chaos Spawn. I spitefully burned Destiny Dice on this to make sure it happened and laughed in the face of looming defeat.

               ++ **Narrative and Open Play** (Chaos – Tzeentch) [1,490/1500] ++

Core Battalion: Warlord

+ Leader [630pts] +

Trushraith Mournfang, Magister on Disc of Tzeentch [150pts]: 0. Coruscating Flames, 0. Shroud of Warpflame, 3. Glimpse the Future, General, Warlord – 1-2 Commanders

Kairixak Spiretalon, Changecaster, Herald of Tzeentch [135pts]: 4. Unchecked Mutation, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Czamnil the Fatechaser, Fateskimmer, Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot [180pts]: 1. Bolt of Tzeentch, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Graruth Embermaster, Ogroid Thaumaturge [165pts]: 2. Arcane Suggestion, 2. Secret-eater, Warlord – 2-4 Sub-Commanders *Rereading the rules, I believe Ive had too many artifacts for the games we’ve been playing, so I’ll be trimming down moving forward.

+ Battleline [565pts] +

The Flickerclaws, Flamers [175pts]: 3 Flamers

Flamers [175pts]: 3 Flamers

The Hexcoal Coven, Horrors [215pts]: 10 Pink Horrors, Warlord – 1-2 Troops

+ Other [240pts] +

Razazrus Crystalflame, Exalted Flamer [140pts]

The Shadixior Brood, Screamers [100pts]: 3 Screamers

+ Allegiance +

   Allegiance: Tzeentch: The Eternal Conflagration

+ Game Options +

Game Type: 1500 Points

Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery

Realm of Origin: Origin: Aqshy

+ Malign Sorcery [55pts] +

Endless Spell: Tome of Eyes [55pts]

Quest Progress

By the end of the Animosity III campaign, I completed the “Hunt for the Endless Spell” quest, unlocking the secrets to the Tome of Eyes. I really dig the spell because it makes one of my casters much more reliable, which is key on one cast a turn heroes and their ability to generate Fate Points. I didn’t take a new quest for this game, but narratively I’m chalking it up to the recent arrival of Trushraith’s warband and taking time to become familiar with Gallet. Going forward, while Trushraith didn’t get his desired location, he found another and will proceed to “Defend The Realm” while he tends to his wounds and gathers his strength.


The postgame sequence went surprisingly well. Despite the punishing losses I took, my units limped away without injury or casualties. I selected the Ogroid Thaumaturge as my MVP for this game for his strong showing against the Prosecutors. Ive earned enough Renown now that each of my basic units can gain a veteran ability. I’ll have to analyze the chart a bit to determine what to take that would narratively make sense.

Way Ahead

The next few battles will be mostly defensive in nature so I can focus on building barracks and summoning Pink Horrors to join the host. If I have glory to burn, I will try to scout the surrounding area and increase my lodgment near the Bantu Gate. I will have to continue to spy on the Stormcast to find vulnerabilities before I strike at them again.

Army Growth

As I mentioned above, I have 20 more Pink Horrors in the works. Im going to consolidate the Flamers into one unit. I have a Mierce Miniatures Lord of Change and an avian looking Chaos Spawn that I will probably start working on next. The plan is that Trushraith will either find victory and become a Lord of Change, or will fail and become an oddly Lord of Change looking Chaos Spawn. Either way, its going to be great and a fun project.

What are your thoughts? What would you recommend I add to my order of battle and bring to the battlefield? Where should Trushraith focus his efforts?