Frostgrave Treasure Tokens

It’s been a while since my last post but you know how the holidays go…

I spent my time off the last few weeks catching up on some hobby. While I dabbled with a few different projects here and there, I didn’t complete a lot. I did manage to finally get some paint on my treasure tokens for Frostgrave and I’m rather happy with how they turned out.

Almost all of my pieces came from some Reaper or Ral Partha packs I picked up at my local game store. A few pieces fit on 20mm bases, while a few as you’ll see…don’t. It bugs a small part of me but the models are too cool not to use in my opinion.


bootsbooks armor

They were a breeze to paint up and took me about two sessions.I won’t say they are my best work but for tokens they’ll get the job done. For the treasure on the 20mm bases I added small pieces of cobblestone textured shelf lining I found at Home Depot a few years ago. It takes paint pretty well and looks great on terrain projects and models. I then flocked over them with some patches of snow for good measure.

The final piece is a treasure chest that came from the old Mines of Moria set by Games Workshop.


I never played their Lord of Rings game, but a few years back they sent me a set instead of my regular order. When I called them about it they said they would send my correct order out and to hang onto the game in case I wanted to try it. I never did, but there is some terrain in there that has gotten some use over the years, especially with Frostgrave.

In other news, my Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter pledge finally arrived last week so once I get those assembled and painted I’ll post some pics. I’m also in the middle of a game of Frostgrave so expect another battle report in the near future.

That’s it for now, have fun out there!